BlueSkillet Roving Jug Band

Cookin' up a blues storm the folks from Kids Blues Workshops, the Hoochers and Ragweed are combining various blues ingredients, to bring you a fun filled 'Roving' show.

The BlueSkillet Rovers

A culmination of songs from 30s till now.  Jugblues, jazzblues, bluesblues, ragblues, soulblues and sillyblues.

What’s the definition of a gentleman?

A bloke who can play the banjo but chooses not too in public.

The Blueskillet Rovers are a hit at parties, wedding receptions, back yards, beer gardens, street corners, verandas, bars, Scotty’s place, your place and even large cruise ships!!

Enjoy the bass sounds of the 'bull-fiddle', the twang of a banjo, finger-pickin' geetar, snare and percussion, kazoo, silly bit's n' pieces, harmonica and voice.

‘The Rovers’ are renowned for not using, and in fact boycotting, the use of any electricity in as many of their performances as possible, (except to power fridges for beers and bourbon – rehydration fluids) in the aim to keep the music ‘alive’ with the use of good old acoustic instruments…and a shit load of energy!! This really allows the audience to BE a part of the show…the band can mingle with the crowd, and the audience can get right up close to the performers.

A huge success at the Woodford Folk Festival they were dubbed 'highly entertaining' and 'something really different'.

Catch 'The BlueSkillet Rovers' performing around and about the streets or 'in the pan' with the rest of the stew at the festival.

What’s the difference between a ‘bull-fiddle’ and a banjo?

A ‘bull-fiddle’ burns longer because it’s got more wood in it.

‘The Rovers’ keep things real. They are actually real musicians, or at least real people who play real instruments, and they do break strings, drop things, sing out of tune, drink and fart a lot. (Well… some of them speak for themselves.)

‘The Rovers’ make no apology folks…. it is what it is. That’s showbiz…

They are also known for just about letting anyone get up and have a bit of a play with them, providing the player has a hat and a tie to wear, and of course no fear of tainting their reputation… and an instrument of some description that makes some semblance of noise. (They even let a fiddle player have a go… once.)

Blueskillet were a small huge success at Woodford Folk Festival, Byron Blues and Roots Festival and Broadbeach Blues Festival in 2006. They were also winners of ‘Blues Over Byron Busking Festival’ in the street performers category, affording them a spot performing to thousands of people on the streets of the Byron Blues and Roots Festival. Yee Ha!

Contact: Matt on 02) 6689 5204 / 0400 362 001

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